VOLO Airtime Licence required for GSM/GPRS mobile data connectivity

VOLO Airtime Licence - 1 Year

Part No.: 837-530

Description: VOLO ACU SIM Airtime 1 Year Licence

Code: 06973340

VOLO Airtime Licence - 1 Year


For those applications and sites where Internet is not available, the VOLO Master ACU's built in GSM/GPRS can be used.  The VOLO Airtime Licence is required to be renewed every 12 months to remain operational.


  • 1 required per Master VOLO ACU only when connecting over mobile network
  • Must renewed every 12 months
  • Includes all the data allowance required for the VOLO Master and conected VOLO Slave units
  • Auto network selection ensures connection to the optimum network provider
  • EU territories only
  • Must not be used with any other device (smartphone, mobile phone etc.)
  • Slave units do not require an Airtime Licence
  • NB SIM card is pre-installed in each VOLO ACU Master

VOLO Airtime Licence - 1 Year

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