The VOLO system is made up of 3 main parts:

  1. Access Control Units (ACUs): provide the hardware interface to the door locking system at each site
  2. VOLO hosted software: installers and end-users log on from a browser (e.g. a Smartphone, tablet or PC) via the internet to configure, administer and manage the access control
  3. VOLO Licences: enable on-going connectivity and access to the ACUs.

Access Control Units (ACU)

There are two products in the range

  • 837-500 Master ACU with GSM: one required for every site
  • 837-510 Slave ACU: used to extend the number of doors

Each ACU allows up to a maximum of 2 doors (read-in only) or 1 door (read-in, read-out). A site can be expanded by the addition of up to 24 VOLO Slave ACUs, allowing 50 doors per Master ACU. Multiple Masters can be combined for a very large single site.

VOLO Hosted Software

The software is in the 'cloud', where it is maintained and run by VOLO. It holds all the site and user configuration information and communicates out to the VOLO ACUs with the required data

VOLO Licences

There are 2 VOLO licences:

  • 837-540 Hosting licence: required for every Master ACU and enables connection to the Hosting Software. This must be renewed annually
  • 837-530 GSM Airtime licence: required for a Master ACU if it is to be connected over the Mobile GSM/GPRS network. This must be renewed annually

System Schematic

VOLO Schematic

System Performance

  • 10,000+ site connection
  • 100,000+ users per door
  • 128 Time zones
  • 512 Access levels
  • Activity reports
  • Distributed database, 1000's of events per controller
  • 128 time zones and 256 access levels per site
  • 100,000+ users per controller
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Controller Overview

  • GSM/Ethernet option (Master ACU)
  • 2 door/2 reader per controller
  • Wiegand reader support
  • Expandable up to 50 doors/readers per Master ACU with additional slave units
  • LED indications
  • Slave connected to Master using RS485
  • Facility for battery backup

Browser Support

  • Web browser for desktop, tablet and phone
  • IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari supported

The number of doors per site can be extended to a maximum of 50 doors with the addition of up to 24 Slave ACUs. However, more than one Master ACU can be used per site for even larger applications.

Only one Hosting licence is required per Master ACU.

If GSM connectivity is to be used, one Airtime licence is required per Master ACU.

See Product Datasheets for full and latest specification